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Pro Audio Stash is merging to Penn Elcom Online
Pro Audio Stash and CLD Distribution became part of the Penn...
Rack Security Solutions : Anti Tamper Rack Panels
Posted 19/08/2015
New Product Overview Series On Pro Audio Stash
Posted 19/08/2015
Aluminium Rack Drawer Designed For Transportation
Posted 19/08/2015
Customise Rack Laser Etched Panels
Posted 19/08/2015
Quiet Fan Trays For Our EMS & EMP Server Enclosures
Posted 19/08/2015
New Range of Rean Connector Microphone Leads
Posted 23/11/2012

Pro Audio Stash are the Number One for professional audio racks and professional audio equipment

Pro Audio Stash
specialises in supplying high quality professional audio equipment and home cinema accessories. We have become the leading supplier of Flight Case Hardware, 19 Inch Rack Mount Accessories.


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Pro Audio Stash Professional Audio Equipment. Australia's leading audio equipment supplier of 19 inch rack mount equipment,
19" racking accessories, flight cases hardware and professional audio equipment.